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Past life connection?


I wrote back when I first started this blog about my experiences with past life regression – one session, two lives.  One as an unmarried, childless woman in a warrior society, another as a senior NCO or MAJ in the Wehrmacht.  All I got from the Wehrmacht one was being in an abandoned small house, no furniture, broken window shadow forming a cross shape on the floor from the moonlight.  I was dirty, I could feel dust on my neck, I was in uniform, I had a deck of cards in a pocket.  I wasn’t in Germany, but on the Eastern edge, maybe Sudetenland.  Foreign, but still Europe, but a long walk home, for sure.  I was so tired, alone and emotional.  I kept running my hands back and forth over my head and thinking “They lied, they lied to us!  My soldiers died for nothing!”   The underlying feeling was complete betrayal.  The lesson from that life was not to follow blindly, not to put your faith in the wisdom of others rather than what yourself.

Yesterday I saw this picture on a blog and it stopped me cold.  Based on what I am reading about the way messages come to you and using your intuition, rather than reason, to open up to them, this was probably the battle that my Wehrmacht guy had just finished.  The movement is the same, the feeling of desolation is the same.  Upon researching Kursk, it was the turning point for the Germans – the first time their Blitzkreig style was defeated.  Heavy German losses and doubt from all generals and Hitler, although they went ahead with the battle even after realizing the delay gave the Russians time to prepare.  I find all of this so interesting, can you tell? 🙂