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Gratitude Sunday


This past week I am grateful for so many things.

1.  The soft air and breeze of early Spring, even though it’s late April in the South!

2.  My succulent bed in an antique pot.  The spreading happy plants and the funky little miniature mushroom cabin make me smile every morning.

3.  My cats – so different in temperament, one sunny and chirpy for the day, the other comforting and warm for the night.

4.  My job, which was tough but rewarding this week.  In addition to good legal advice, I connected person to person with everyone and helped their hurt souls, too, I think.

5.  Safety for my husband, who returned from his motorcycle trip this morning after being on the road for almost a month.

6.  My meditation time and God’s guidance once I am calmed enough to listen.

What are you grateful for this Gratitude Sunday?Glenfinnan, Scotland?

The quiet benefits of tea


I love my tea.  Pots and pots of tea.  Only loose tea, I’m a bit of a snob.  And lo and behold, Oprah and I both like Oolong.  Who knew that we’d have something in common?



The Brew
The leaves of this elegant Chinese tea are semi-fermented—allowed to wither briefly, then bruised to spur oxidation, and dried before the enzymatic process is complete. Oolong’s varieties range from light and sweet to thick and woody.

The Benefits
According to a study of more than 1,500 subjects, a half cup to two and a half cups daily of oolong tea or the more famous health star green tea can lower a person’s risk of hypertension by 46 percent. Oolong and green tea are rich in antioxidants that help control an enzyme that raises blood pressure.


Ostfriesentee   Ostfrisian tea

Ostfriesentee. Mmmmmm. Must have some, now. Ostfriesen (East Frisians) love their tea. So do I. In fact, it is the one thing I always bring back from a trip to Germany. And I am not East Frisian.

East Frisians love their tea so much that in 2008 their tea consumption was the highest anywhere, worldwide, with about 290 liter per person, twelve times as much as the average German drinks. Tea is not tea is not tea, to a Frisian. It must be Ostfriesentee which is a blend of up to 10 black tea varieties, mostly Assam, but not all. Important is that the blending takes place in Ostfriesland. Only then may it be called “echter Ostfriesentee”. The real deal.

The Ostfrisische Teekultur is famous and Teetied (tea time) is cherished. A guest is always offered a cup of tea.

How it’s served:

OSTFRIESENTEE = Preheat a tea pot, add tea leaves, add seething hot water to just cover the tea leaves, let steep for 5 minutes max., then fill the tea pot with boiling hot water. In a small tea cup, place 1 “Kluntje” (brown or white pc. of rock sugar), then pour tea, carefully add tsp. of cream without stirring.