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Art Nouveau Windows and Facades


Once upon a time I knew how to translate Marinni’s blog posts from Russian to English.  Alas, there were too many days between visits and now I am reduced to Babelfishing small phrases.  (If you know how to simplify the process, PLEASE leave a comment for me with instructions.)

She has a beautiful page – lots of photos of weird and fantastical things.  To get the full load of pictures, click on the link below the picture and it opens up the page with a plethora of photos.  I’ve provided the link to the one page I’ve enjoyed the most this week, but go to her homepage and discover your own preference of strangely bizarre gorgeousness.



Oh, all right, just one more for fun.  What could be more imaginative than portraits of animals?  Is it just me or does this mallard look like he’d be a great host at the Halloween party?