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It’s sniffles and flu time.  I was going to get my flu shot on Friday, so I’d have the weekend to recover, but of course my husband starts getting sick so I can pretty much guarantee I’m already incubating something lovely.  It looks like I’ll have to wait a week.  So far it just looks like a head cold, which is never too bad as long as I have tea and a good book.  Currently reading Larry Correia’s Monster Hunters International, and staying under the duvet is never a hardship!

We have provisions to survive – I made Zuppa Toscana last night and it turned out well.  Thank you, Get Crocked website!  We have enough to nosh on soup and yeast rolls for the next two days.  I used a one pound package of Tennessee Pride sausage, hot version-it’s cheaper and there’s not as much sodium (not as much sodium being a relative term for sausage, of course) and the bunch of kale we had in our CSA pickup at the farmer’s market yesterday.  The red pepper flakes from the sausage opened our heads up and the cream combined with the chicken broth and kale got our stomachs ready for the night time cold medicine.  Hmm, think I can stretch this illness long enough to get at least one sick day from work?

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Authors and their favorite foods


Agatha Christie adored Devonshire cream.  Having tasted it with scones and strawberry jam in the original location, she’s right, it IS heavenly – but I couldn’t eat it every day.  Now Sartre’s treat, I HAVE eaten everyday and used to buy by the case at my local Turkish food store when I lived in Germany.  Great with tea, great with coffee, great with milk and always great with a book or magazine.  Yummy almond halva.  Click the photo and check what YOUR favorite author loved to eat.