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New Blog and an Invitation


How fun!  I love this blog – Abbey of the Arts – and the connection to spirituality through art, and the fun contests every month or so.  I finally decided to go forward (ha!) and enter this one.  Here’s the link if you’d like to play as well. 

I submitted five meditative landscape photos.  Here’s one of my favorites.  I was walking backroads connected to Soprabolzano, Italy.  After going DOWN for an hour or so, I realized that I would have to now go back UP.   With no water.  My husband was off riding motorcycles and no one knew where I was.  And this was a pretty lonely area!  I tried to wave down one of those little three wheel work trucks with two Italian men in the front, but they kept going.  I took this shot as I walked back up.  I was deliriously happy at this point with extremely achy feet.  I think the dehydration was really affecting my brain at this point.  Shortly after this, I finally reached the top, laid under a tree and took photos of the sun through the leaves.  I thought, when they find my poor little overheated body at least they will be able to trace my steps.  Needless to say, I recovered rapidly once I had some pasta, water and several glasses of red wine overlooking the Rosengarten view.


To the Moon, Alice, To the Moon!


The Dissident Frogman doesn’t come online much anymore, but when he does – Pow, right in the kisser!  (Did I date myself with post’s title?  Will it make a difference to y that I only saw the Honeymooners in reruns?)  If you want to get a little prescient commentary on where the election is taking us, look no further than France.  If you are not too afraid, read the whole post.  Here’s a few salient paragraphs to whet your appetite.

“Hear ye, hear ye, Great American Tribe: thou hast lost thy ways and hast forged thyself chains of iron. Hear the Revelations of the prophet Frogman, he who wandered through the barren wasteland of Europa under a wooden yoke and witnessed the terrible plight and dreadful blight that will now descend upon thee:

TO THE GLOATERS crowing over the comments sections of every conservative and Republican websites: burn through every gallons of that sweet euphoria as quickly and fully as you can, for it will very soon become stale and leave only the putrid taste of rot in your mouth. I know you, for I’ve seen your peers and walk among them in the Land of the Frenchmen. Tomorrow, the effects of your plebiscite will pierce through the exhilaration of your victory, and they will crush you as much as they afflict those you mock today.

Just as they did in France, the policies you champion will affect everyone’s standards of living, directly and indirectly. If you are wealthy today, your wealth will dwindle tomorrow. If you are already poor or believe yourself so, you will never rise and prosper.”

Today, I meditate in Florence – umm, in my head.


I came back to the U.S. three years ago after a total of 16 years abroad.  One of the things I miss most – the quiet, yet sonorous cathedrals and chapels.  I would duck into every one I came across while walking through Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Prague.  Why don’t the churches in the U.S. ever feel holy without people inside?  The buildings sometimes are beautiful, but they don’t stir my soul.  Standing in the center of this Baptistry and looking at the ceiling would calm me and the meditation/mindfulness would be off the charts!  Note to self – next meditation, picture myself in this room with candles.  Om.

Florence Baptistry