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Done with the Apples!


Well, I didn’t get what my art teacher was saying until I tried it.  Last week, she took a look and said that I had thinned the art to the point where I was painting closer to water color.  So today I made the colors I wanted and just used the brush – no turpenoid or other medium.  Yay!  And I also like the lavender shadow light.  Apples 2

New Blog and an Invitation


How fun!  I love this blog – Abbey of the Arts – and the connection to spirituality through art, and the fun contests every month or so.  I finally decided to go forward (ha!) and enter this one.  Here’s the link if you’d like to play as well. 

I submitted five meditative landscape photos.  Here’s one of my favorites.  I was walking backroads connected to Soprabolzano, Italy.  After going DOWN for an hour or so, I realized that I would have to now go back UP.   With no water.  My husband was off riding motorcycles and no one knew where I was.  And this was a pretty lonely area!  I tried to wave down one of those little three wheel work trucks with two Italian men in the front, but they kept going.  I took this shot as I walked back up.  I was deliriously happy at this point with extremely achy feet.  I think the dehydration was really affecting my brain at this point.  Shortly after this, I finally reached the top, laid under a tree and took photos of the sun through the leaves.  I thought, when they find my poor little overheated body at least they will be able to trace my steps.  Needless to say, I recovered rapidly once I had some pasta, water and several glasses of red wine overlooking the Rosengarten view.


Version 2


I had a great time on Sunday!  At least before the tree fell through my neighbor’s garage, onto the pool house roof, ripping all of my electrical wires out of the mast on the roof.  But that’s another, less cheerful story.

Here’s the great time.  I went back to my little pot, changed the background, cleaned up the handle and came close to nailing the spade reflection.  Very pleased!  Here’s a side by side comparison.  First, last week, second, Sunday’s changes.