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New Store, New Herbs!


Red clover


My art teacher told me about a health food store in town called Country Life.  I thought it was a restaurant!  But that’s just in the back.  I went to take a look today and they have all different types of Traditional Medicine teas, as well as loose roots and flowers, spices, coconut, almond and tapioca flour.  Whee!  So much fun.  I bought six different herbs and right now I’m steeping a pot of Red Yarrow Flower, Red Clover Blossom and Passion Flower.  Healthy, healthy indeed!  I’m going to list the different ones and link to how to infuse.  It’s the only way I’ll keep them straight.  (I had no idea you had to infuse roots for thirty minutes!  Good to know.)

Marshmallow Root  – good for breathing and gastric

Valerian Root – supports healthy sleep and relaxation, but you can suffer slight withdrawal symptoms if you take every night and stop suddenly.  Legend has it that the Pied Pipe of Hamelin used Valerian to entice the rats!

Comfrey Root – Damn!  Waste of money, you shouldn’t take internally, it has been linked to liver damage.  Looks like oil, poultice and other topical treatments only.

Red Yarrow Flower-cardiovascular support and detoxifier

Red Clover Blossom – respiratory system, liver, cardiovascular, calming

Passionflower – insomnia, overactive mind, worry.