Your mind is a calm sea in a turbulent world.


Orthodox Homily for today. The first sentence reminded me of the Pilgrims and our founding fathers. [Rom. 5:10–16; Matt. 8:23–27]

Calm sea

They set off for the other side of the sea. The Lord was sleeping. A tempest arose and everyone was terrified, but they forgot that the Lord was with them, and thus there was nothing to fear. This also happens in the earthly and spiritual course of life. When a tempest of misfortunes or passions arises we usually become worried to the point of paralyzation, and think that this is normal; but the Lord sends us a lesson: O ye of little faith! (Matt. 8:26). And justly! It is impossible not to notice what is happening, but it is possible to maintain a wise calmness. First and foremost, see what the Lord wants of you, and submit humbly to His strong hand. Do not rush about, do not become frenzied. Then lift up your faith that the Lord is with you and fall to His feet in prayer. Dot cry, “I perish!” but with devotion call out, “Lord! If Thou wilt—Thou canst do all things. Not my will, but Thy will be done.” Believe, that this is how you will safely escape the tempest that has arisen.  – Saint Theophan the Recluse


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