Gratitude Sunday


This past week I am grateful for so many things.

1.  The soft air and breeze of early Spring, even though it’s late April in the South!

2.  My succulent bed in an antique pot.  The spreading happy plants and the funky little miniature mushroom cabin make me smile every morning.

3.  My cats – so different in temperament, one sunny and chirpy for the day, the other comforting and warm for the night.

4.  My job, which was tough but rewarding this week.  In addition to good legal advice, I connected person to person with everyone and helped their hurt souls, too, I think.

5.  Safety for my husband, who returned from his motorcycle trip this morning after being on the road for almost a month.

6.  My meditation time and God’s guidance once I am calmed enough to listen.

What are you grateful for this Gratitude Sunday?Glenfinnan, Scotland?

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  1. I’m grateful for you Genie- you add a lot of beautiful things and challenging thoughts to my little Facebook world!

  2. Such a lovely list of things to be grateful for. I for one would love to have a funky mushroom cabin 🙂 Have a lovely week xx

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