Just had a wonderful time at the Columbus Museum here in Columbus, Georgia.  Great art show, which included emerging artists and established ones  Very impressive!  I came back and started looking at my painting websites.  As usual, I am drawn to the Blaue Reiter.  When I looked up Alexei Jawlensky, the MoMA writeup  said he was a founding member of Neue künstlervereinigung münchen (NKVM).  And there he is in the same group as two other favorites – Werefin and Kandinsky.  I love this type of art.  The painting above is alexej-von-jawlensky, schokko with a red hat, 1909.  Then I found a lovely little one by an artist in the same group.  It definitely has a bit of a Russian vibe.  Love the cloth, love the teapot, love the fruit.   Very simple, but very emotional – comfort.  Igor Grabor, Pears on a blue tablecloth.



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