Another “Why Do I Love It?” Moment


Two paintings took my fancy this morning as I perused my multiple Tumblr sites in preparation of the day.  This one is lovely, by Henri Le Sidaner (1862-1939) called La table devant la fenêtre, Versailles, 1937. Oil on canvas.  Early spring in Versailles must be like early spring in Bavaria, Germany, where I lived for nine years.  Bracing air, but the freshest of the year.  You open your windows to breathe that air smell, with the living dirt smell just beneath it as the crocuses start to bloom, even in the late snow.  Check out the teapot, tangerine and lit window by the rising sun.  Lovely. Henri le Sidaner

And then you have this wonderful portrait of Matisse.  It looks like Pop Art!  I love the shadows in purple and his beard sketched in with red strokes.  And the pipe!  I feel like I could talk with this man, he’s very approachable.  Must be the pipe.  🙂Portrait of Matisse


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