The Woman or the Castle?


(Geez, that title reminds me of the short story where a woman is behind one door and a tiger the other.  That story made such a profound impression on me, I’ll have to look it up!)

To get to the Art – I found this gorgeous woman at Madame Scherzo, one of my favorite Tumblr sites, and noticed that after my eyes originally admired her, almost immediately they were drawn to the castle in the lower right corner.  And I noticed that the woman was a little softened – if a film, I’d say out of focus – and her face points to the castle.  Why would the Artist do this?  Does it help her beauty to have the castle there?  Do two points of focus confuse the mind or improve both?  Hmmm.  Something to ponder.


The artist is Ken Hamilton and Art Odyssey has this to say about him:  Born in Nigeria, West Africa, Ken Hamilton returned to Ireland at the age of eleven where he eventually went to Art College in Belfast. Rejecting the trends of so-called contemporary art, he has sought to restore some of the ancient values of painting now discarded by so many.

His paintings do not openly deal with the angst of the artist’s own soul or with the ‘human condition’ but rather seem to be a celebration of the visual pleasures of the world in which we live. By pointing towards these pleasures he is also reminding us of their fleeting nature, not to create in us a sense of despair but so that we may savour the moment and enrich our lives by taking our time and drawing our attention to them.

So am I savoring the beauty and fleeting nature of the castle in the sky and the woman’s countenance.?   Yowza, I think I am!


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