Whimsical and Quirky – Words that describe our house and my personality


I’ve had a fun time looking back at all the things I’ve pinned to one of my Pinterest boards – Gifts for me (and maybe other people if the money holds out.)  I’d forgotten that I’d put these little guys on there.  I would LOVE to see them pop out somewhere in my house.  It’s funny how you can tell if you are truly simpatico by the way a friend reacts to your ‘stuff.’  I am definitely an eclectic, Euro-packrat.  Fortunately, it suits our little brick house – there’s not much room for grand tables or palazzo floors, or even an eat in kitchen unless you don’t mind a little German booth I have planned for the future.  I LOVE decorated houses as much as the next girl, but I never really know the people who live there until I peruse their bookshelves for clues.  So what do you think of these little guys?  Do they tell you much about me?Kina CrowDuck MirrorLight


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