When I turned fifty, my sister treated me to a past life regression.  I was nervous, did a lot of research, and ultimately trusted her assurances that I would feel better and learn something about myself that I needed to know.  I saw two lives.  This one relates to the second one.  I was a woman in a warrior society before medieval times, there was a coast where we took our animals and I was a shepherdess during the summer and I worked inside the caves in the winter taking care of other people’s children.  (I didn’t have a man or any children.)  The caves had holes in the roof here and there that let light in and they were ABOVE the ground, not in it or below it.

After the session, I was on one of my favorite Tumblr sites, Medium Aevum, and saw a photo that was exactly like the cave I’d envisioned.  It was on the Crimean peninsula, and at one point members of the Khazar lived there.

I went back to my favorite site today and saw this:

Depiction of a mounted warrior with captive on a gold ewer (pitcher) from the Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós. The horseman would represent a warrior of one of the steppe khanates of the 7th to 10th centuries (Avars, Khazars, Magyars, Bulgars, etc.)Part of the Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós.

It’s an emblem from that same society or one similar, no one is sure.  The entire collection is on display at the Vienna KunstHistorisches museum.  I was there in December 2011 and saw the collection.  And three months later I had the past life regression.  So did seeing these help pinpoint a life (if you believe in reincarnation) or set up a lesson (if you don’t believe in reincarnation but think the brain creates a scenario in your subconscious, much like dreaming, to teach you a life lesson or solve a problem)?

And what was the life lesson?  “I did what I was supposed to do.  And that’s enough.”  And a feeling of quiet pride without ego or hubris.  For an egocentric like me, it was a blow to the heart and has made me look more closely and appreciatively at those around me who have simpler tasks and less opportunities, but still imbue their work and lives with honesty and direction without jealousy or pride.  Wow, deep for a Tuesday morning!


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