Tell it like it is.


From a great comment by Jake over at Monsterhunters Blog.  Jake, if you are ever in the neighborhood, I would love to buy you a drink!

“Democratic civility: “If you believe things contrary to what I do, I will call you a bigot. Just letting you know.”

Democratic compromise: “Here’s my deal for you. I’ll tell you what I want, and you’ll give it to me.”

Democratic racial tolerance: “Romney is out of touch because black people don’t understand savings accounts.”

Democratic free speech: “The US strongly denounces this despicable video. They had no right to say those things.”

Democratic religious tolerance: “Suck it, Catholics – we’re the moral authority here, not you, so we’ll tell you what’s what on abortion.”

Democratic non-interference: “Israel has no right to defend its settlements or its people. Until they shape up and stop hassling those poor, defenseless Palestinians, I’m not even going to meet with them about Iran.”

Democratic economics: “That guy over there has more than you. He must have stolen it from you! Get him!”

Democratic military affairs: “Those Navy SEALs did an excellent job. Good thing I was there to make it all happen!”

Democratic foreign affairs: “My most-of-one-term as senator makes me far more qualified on foreign affairs than my opponent. Why, I organized entire neighborhoods! The most he’s ever organized was the Olympics, a state, and some multinational corporation!”

And finally, Democratic responsibility: “And my policies would have worked, if it hadn’t been for those meddling Republicans!”

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