Back in the Saddle


Eumm, The End, II


I kept looking and looking at my first large painting.  Well, medium painting, really.  And it just didn’t quite suit.  Too namby pamby, too wish washy, too not so interesting.  So I jazzed up the book, warmed up the wall, and really shadowed the shelf.  Finally happy.  Or are you ever really done?  Hmmm.  Last vase

Here’s what it looked like before I decided to finish.  What do you think?  Is it more interesting before or after?  Vase Final

Progress over two weeks and. . . . done!



I had a big canvas this time and a month between paintings.  Wow.  Much more complicated than I’d realized.  I took photos each time.  I like that I realized early on that if I put much more work into the glass, it would just mess things up.  I am able to tell when I want to add something.  And I can see that certain things anchor and draw the eye.  (Thanks, Jo Farris!  You were right, art teacher, I needed more table reflection to break the line.)  Vase Real Vase First Vase First 2 Vase Middle Vase Final